Friday, August 29, 2008

Before You Head Out For That 3-Day Weekend...

...Let me just tell you a few things:

1- Tropic Thunder is a funny ass movie and Robert Downey, Jr. is a straight FOOL!!!! Man, I haven't laughed so hard at a movie in a real long time!!

Yo, J, man, we're two for two- first The Wackness, and now this. I say next one should be either Blindness or Eagle Eye. Your choice, my treat. But if you suggest Space Chimps ONE MORE TIME, the friendship is OVER!

2- We're adding another soldier to the Girl Army in January; Celia's baby officially has TWO, count them, TWO X chromosomes!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! And people said those candles I bought from the santero last month wouldn't work. PSH!

I also want to give a special shout out to my mom's friend D who just had her baby girl on the 16th; I saw her last weekend and she's the tiniest, cutest, snuggliest lil bit... I almost stole her!! Welcome to the fold, Ladies!!

3- It's 2:29 AM as I type this sentence... just 20 minutes ago a naked white man was creeping on the street a block away from my spot as I was walking home. I peeped him but, you know me, just kept it moving, minding my own business. Then he scurried over my way... to show me his pasty white ass. Actually stopped a few feet ahead of me to squat and show me his ass. And I'm not sure because I did not look directly at him, but I think he had his finger(s) up there, too.

Whatever... I had my knife in hand so I wasn't scared, but can my neighbors PLEASE control their crazy kin? What if the babies had been with me?? I'm too through.

4- I see all over Twitterland and via text messages from Jack that Obama gave a great speech Thursday night. That almost makes me want to hear it. But I can't really bring myself to listen to yet ANOTHER politician talk shit out his ass about how he's gonna make it all better when really he's got his own agenda to follow and ego to feed. I wish him and his peeps well, but I just can't be bothered.

5- I'm not posting anything until Tuesday, taking full advantage of the three-day holiday, taking my babies to a Brooklyn Cyclones game, cooking a nice big pot of turkey chili for them (because I know they've been missing their mommy's food!) and then getting them ready for school.

It's back to business as usual as of this weekend, so Irene and I will be doing it up at The Chip Shop in Brooklyn Heights tonight... my "Farewell to Freedom" dinner...

*smooches...ready to get back to parenting my girls full time*
truth be told, I had fun this summer but it's kinda nice when they're around. only kinda nice, though, 'cause that mommy shit gets old real fast! lol

enjoy your labor day weekend... and save me some BBQ chicken & mac n cheese, will ya?