Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Airing Grievences, Giving Props

Hello, hello, hello... been gone for a spell. Health issues and whatnot. I have my neuro appointment tomorrow at noon so maybe FOR ONCE a physician will be able to give me a clear answer on what the hell is going on in my head. And if he does, he deserves the Nobel Prize, okay?!?! Because lord only knows what festering horrors await for him inside my noggin...

SIDENOTE: @The F$%k It List- I see now what you meant by the dudes in "The Yard" at Wingate Park doing pull-ups and shit. I swear I thought I was in the middle of an episode of Oz. WTF?!?! Why pay for Bally's? I should just hang with these guys and *POOF* weight be gone and helloooooo muscles! For a split second, I thought I saw Melly Mel there, but it wasn't him. And, gurl, between you and me? One of those dudes- this one that had his chest all tatted up- yeah him... he coulda got it. I'm just sayin...

And now, let me tell you all about some shit that had my pressure up yesterday:

The dude in front of me at the car service, complaining that he was charged $9 for a ride that is supposed to cost $7. And wanted a $2 credit. I kid you not. Seriously went in there with a straight face and for damn near ten minutes made his case for his $2. Now, I'm not gonna say what he was, but the car service was in the vicinity of Avenue J and E16th... NYers, draw your own conclusions...

The ruskie cab driver, who did not know how to get to Wingate Park. WHY WHY WHY must I always get stuck with the cabbies who don't know where the fuck they're going? Like, isn't that their fucking job? And the more he tried to explain WHY he didn't know how to get there, the more I wanted to pull out my knife and stab him in the throat.

GOOGLE MAPS, for sending me to Midwood HS instead of Wingate Park like I asked. And no, it wasn't just my stupid ass who was out there confused. Many, many, many people were sent there by this damn search engine because we ran into them and they were all confused... it was like a conspiracy to keep us from Badu!

My landlord and his wife, for having that screaming match early Monday morning... had me scared to walk around my own apartment. I mean really, y'all old as fuck. Probably married since forever. What is there to fight about at this point? And dammit- I need to learn Arabic because whatever they were yelling about, I'm sure it was juicy!

But not to be all negative, here are a few things that get mad props from me; they should feel honored:

Ms. Badu, for putting on a good show even though I was in an ultra-mega-funky mood and was ready to break out. I realize now that it was hunger that had my panties in a bunch... I hadn't eaten since 2PM and all I'd had were two small spring rolls. My blood sugar was a bit low. My bad, but deadline week at work always makes me forget to eat!

The Webmaster, who put up with my ultra-mega-funky mood and did not let it deter his mission to stand in the presence of Ms. Badu (the love of his life). If it weren't for him and the GPS system on his phone I really would have stabbed that cabbie in the throat.

Oasis Restaurant on Rogers and Hawthorne, for hooking up the baked chicken and cocobread even though they were already closed for the evening. Maaaaaaaan, the chicken- and that jerk sauce the cook poured over it- was the fucking bomb! We ate some of it in the street like we had no home training! And it was even tastier with the yellow rice and black beans I cooked at home to go with it.

Mother Nature, for the nicest, coolest, sweetest smelling breeze that kept coming through my bedroom windows last night. I haven't slept that comfortably in a very long time. See THIS is why I don't bother to get curtains; they'll block the goodness that Mother Nature sends my way...

*smooches...fresh from some wicked awesome sleep*
and for tonight's entertainment: oops! Rick is next week; tonight is The Jungle (the jungle) The Brothers (the brothers)... who's coming with me???