Friday, January 04, 2013

Until The Referee Rings The Bell

I know a lot of you secretly made some resolutions for the New Year, but are publicly stating that resolutions are for losers. It's OK; we all do it. Luckily you have a Jaded NYer in your corner, and I promise that if you come back here every Friday I'll have some encouraging words and music to help keep you on track toward the best you.

Right now you're probably kicking yourself because the promises you made for 2013 have already been broken--you ate junk food, drank coffee, overslept, punched your neighbor in the face (or was that just in my dreams?). But remember my wise words from just a few days ago:

"EVERY SECOND we're alive and breathing and capable brings hope and promise. Every minute is a new blessing. Every hour brings an opportunity to do better; you don't have to wait until the next day or week or month."

And I know you; you possess an inner strength that can move a thousand Rick Rosses. You stumbled a bit, because this new life is, well, NEW, and you're not used to it yet. But you can't expect to change a zillion years of bad habits overnight just because the year on your calendar changed. You're going to stumble. "To err is human."

It's what you do after that matters most.

*smooches...helping you back up*
and I brought Band-aids for your boo-boos!