Friday, January 18, 2013

Somebody Loves Your Life

Friday night.

I'm writing this post after a full day of working and bullshitting, but I didn't want to leave you without an inspirational message to carry into the weekend.

I'm not sure how y'all roll, but the winter months depress the hell out of me. All this darkness, all this cold, all these streets devoid of sweet-smelling flowers (there's an old Italian woman on the corner with the most fragrant yard! I love walking past her house every the spring and summer...). All I want to do is hide under my flannel sheets until April.

It's around this time that I also begin to doubt myself and my worth and just how ambitious I am, because the colder and darker it gets, the more excuses I find to not go out with friends or workout or attend events that may further my career. Hell, I barely want to go to work and I LOVE getting a paycheck my job!

But a while ago, after my divorce, I took to looking in the mirror and telling myself I was hot. I would fix my hair up, experiment with gaudy makeup and pose for my towels and shampoo bottles. (Shout out to Tyra & Co. for teaching me to smize.) Superficial, but hey, whatever keeps me from swallowing razor bladed, non?

I want you to look at yourself and appreciate what you see, regardless of flaws. I don't have the sexiest nose and my top lip isn't as full as I wish it would be, and woe is me and my raccoon eyes, but I appreciate what I see. Because I'm alive and (relatively) well. And deep down, beneath all the bad feelings, I know people want me to be OK. People love me and I love them right back.

But if you struggle to find someone in your corner, look no further than this Jaded NYer.

*smooches...hoping you appreciate all your tomorrows*
also, play this tune when you get up in the morning. instant pick-me-up!