Friday, January 25, 2013

Maybe Forgiveness Is Right Where You Fell

I've allowed myself to live in the PAUSE time and time again. I take on a project and as soon as there's an obstacle I wrap it around me like a fuzzy sweater of excuses and let it lull me into an uneasy sleep every night. But as long as I'm in the PAUSE I don't have to face life or reality or failure, except the PAUSE is worse than failure; it's not even trying. It's not even living.

It takes a lot of energy to drag myself out of the PAUSE, but I've been taking all these supplements and eating better, and that will hopefully lead to sleeping better, and I've been working toward de-chaos-ing my physical environment, so surely my mental and emotional environment will follow, non?

I'm counting on that energy to get me to network with other writers more and leave my comfort zone and smile more often than not. That energy will help me take more chances and make bold moves and become a more visible force in this world than I have been (don't worry; a good force). I'm putting all my chips in; the energy will crush the PAUSE, so much so that it will be this tiny insignificant blip of a pause, a breather, really, in which I just blink a couple of times, inhale good air and exhale the bad, and then get right back on my path of goodies.

Might I suggest you make this bet with me, too?

Don't beat yourself up about it, though. That's not what these Friday posts are about. Standing still and letting obstacles stunt our growth is common and can happen to anyone at any time. Accept what you've done to date as an error you made, and just dive into the part where you work to make amends with yourself for standing in your own way. You did this to yourself and only you can make it right.

It's never too late to keep moving forward.

*smooches...daring you to lift yourself up off the floor*
the potential for greatness is in all of us, it really is!