Friday, January 11, 2013

Not Stopping

Like most folks, I'm sure a lot of you decided to "get healthy" this year "for real" because you're tired of your gut or whatever. Listen, I'm not here to judge; it's Friday and I promised only uplifting and helpful posts to cheer you on in your endeavors. But honestly if all you wrote down was GET HEALTHY without any real plan or guidelines in place, you're going to fail. I speak from experience.

I'm not going to preach to you about a Paleo/Primal lifestyle and I'm not going to force you to come to socacize with me or anything, but please know that you have to make realistic, practical and SMART plans for your new healthy life. And those plans should include some sort of food adjustments and body movements. That's it. That's the secret: care about what you put in your body and care about how much you allow your body to move and stretch.

Also, there's this:

It's pretty much all here...

You can do this. I am doing this so I know you can do it. I will not leave you behind and I will never be OK with you not loving yourself enough to get well. That's what real friends do. So what, you had a bag of chips today? Don't have one tomorrow. Don't give up, no matter how many times you trip up and wake up covered in red velvet cake crumbs. "Get Healthy" all you want--cold turkey, baby steps, whatever it takes.

And if you need a little push to move your tush from its permanent seat at your computer station...

You know I couldn't resist! But in my defense, nothing gets you out of your seat more than soca!

*smooches...hoping you will ALL join me on the Parkway*
oh, did I not mention I was joining a mas band?