Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seven Things*

*Borrowed from the site Brittany. Herself. which is a totally hilarious blog that I love to read and make believe the author is my BFF and that we pass the days plotting ways to drive her husband mad via email. She wrote about the seven things in her First World life she couldn't live without and asked folks to share. I don't normally participate in these things anymore but, you know, any opportunity to talk about myself and remind you that it's all about ME ME ME is right up this blog's alley.

You can read her original post by clicking here.

Here's what's on my MUST HAVE DAILY list:
1- My computer and everything attached to it that brings joy to my heart: Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, and the Bearded and Black Tumblr site.

2- The heavenly nectar you peons call ginger tea. A day without it and I may kill a few puppies.

3- A bra. I'm not one of those gals who can let them run free. Sometimes, I sleep in a bra. I love the false sense of security a bra gives me, making me believe I've staved off gravity for another day.

4- Soca music. Because a day without soca is NOT a day worth living.

5- At least three pens and a notebook. This is something I discussed with my fellow writers this weekend- I cannot leave the house unprepared. What if I get trapped in an elevator and I don't have anything to write with. I WOULD SURELY DIE.

6- As bad as it is for my skin-hot showers. I cannot fall asleep and have magically sweet dreams without some scalding water to slowly transition me into night-night mode.

7- Under-eye concealer, because let's face it- that sleep I was just describing? I never get enough of it and it shows on my face. Thanks to the good people at MAC Cosmetics, I get to make-believe I'm a fresh-faced co-ed.

What's on your list?

*smooches...sharing but not caring*
also, please note that cleverly disguised within this list of seven are TEN things I cannot live without. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!