Thursday, January 17, 2013

Moving With Purpose, Learning To Rest

I have a lot to do. Wait, let me rephrase that: I have a lot that I WANT to do. No, that's not right either. I HAVE A LOT THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Stories to write, events to plan, kids to raise, apartments to clean and redesign, love life to cultivate. That last one was just thrown in to make me seem more human and less machine-like, but if John Cusack showed up tomorrow to marry me my life would be so much easier. Someone call him and let him know.

Shit, I'm off topic.


This is nothing new, except I have been working toward only burdening myself with tasks that mean something, that will illicit a positive change or benefit in my life, that will bring peace to The Voices my soul. It's harder than my previous method of existing--which including me gorging on food while wasting time online--because I'm fighting those bad time-wasting habits at every turn. I honestly have to remind myself, every five minutes, that I'm not on task.

Let's just take a minute and admit that focusing has never been my strong suit. I blame society's obsession with MULTITASKING. We've multi-tasked our way into a full-blown adult ADD epidemic. Just because you can be on the phone while sending an email and eating your lunch, doesn't mean you should. You're just asking to get some Buffalo wing sauce all over pants (not to mention your keyboard. ewww. that's how germs are spread!).

At the same DAMN time that all of my purposeful TO DO items are getting crossed off my Post-Its, I also have been learning to rest. Get into a different position. Stand whenever possible. STOP eating Swedish fish candies during deadlines. I'm currently battling some constant lower back pain of unknown origin and I'm quite sure it's my body telling me that I'm fucking everything up. I'm not stretching, moving, lifting, sprinting and most importantly, I'm not RESTING.

Tonight I take the plunge. I'll work for a little bit, play for a little bit, and then get my ass to bed by 11. Yes, 11. But before 11 I'm going to aim to keep my activities at least 50% purposeful (and only 50% watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix). If I'm successful, my reward will be a full night's sleep.

If I'm not, I'll eat an eggplant. BLECH!

*smooches...working on me, always*
this is the task that never ends, folks!