Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday On The Rocks

Just because I'm no longer a lush, it doesn't mean that, occasionally, I can't daydream about lounging in a hammock with a fruity alcoholic drink. Just swaying in the breeze, not a care in the world. An old boombox, antennae up, playing this and other sweet island tunes:

I came into work determined to get shit done, but when I sat at my desk I felt so unfocused. Again. I felt this way on Friday, over the weekend and yesterday. Sleep deprivation and a fucked-up back have a way of messing with your brain, you know. Then I played Kes' new tune and I instantly settled down. So far, three tasks have been crossed off my TO DO list.

Proves my theory: Soca Music Fixes Everything.

What helps you get through the day (besides a good night's sleep)?

*smooches...dreaming of a coconut rum punch*
so I'll be getting one this weekend :)