Thursday, January 10, 2013

Musical Interlude

My brain is so cloudy right now, which could mean that I will either snap someone's neck for gently brushing past me on the bus OR I could call in sick at work and spend the entire day in bed in the fetal position lamenting all my life's decisions.. You just never know with me and The Voices. Our mood swings are legendary!

As you know, I work hard to stay out of jail and the crazy house, so when my vision is blurred like this, I just turn up the volume on whatever music-playing device is nearby and drown out my own thinking. Trust me, nothing important is going on up there right now, and tunes are my way of pressing RESTART.

I went back in time for this interlude, because you youngins should not live in a world where you don't know who The (Young) Rascals are. You just shouldn't.

Let's ignore this feeling I have that I just recreated the soundtrack for The Virgin Sucides and just enjoy the sweet, haunting melodies.

*smooches...taking a chill pill*
because sometimes you just need to