Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just Say No To Drugs, Kids!

Remember the good old days of preachy sitcoms? When your favorite heartthrob had serious First World Problems that could be solved in 30 minutes or less? I especially appreciated the shows that were popular during Nancy Reagan's JUST SAY NO era, and how they made it seem like such a walk in the park to stay away or recover from drugs and its perils.

Alex's freak out on "Family Ties"

And Jessie's freak out on "Saved By The Bell"

Clearly neither of these shows took place in Bed-Stuy during crack-cocaine's heyday. But whatever.

I'll tell you what, though- I never did speed because accelerated heart rates freak me the hell out. And because of Alex and Jessie making complete asses of themselves. Thanks to these shows, no amount of peer pressure could get me to change my mind!

Now, if they'd only made one to talk about the detriments of whiskey and acid and pot...

What were some of your anti-drug episodes from old (or new) sitcoms? (I don't new shows have these anymore, seeing as drug use is so acceptable these days!)

*smooches...drug free since, um, well never-you-mind*
I love when shows are able to stand the test of time.