Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Jaded Moment In History Presents: We Had Famous Dishes

Back in the day I was the BIGGEST "Beverly Hills, 90210" fan that ever lived, mostly because I had an enormous girl crush on Shannen Doherty. Oh yeah, I followed that brown-haired beauty from "Little House on the Prarie" to "Our House" to Heathers like a true stalker, and now there she was, on my TV every week.

While indulging on my newest nighttime obsession, I noticed that during an innocuous scene in the first season, the Walsh family HAD THE SAME DISHES MY MOM HAD JUST PURCHASED!! You don't even understand how much I cherished those plates. I wanted to dance in the streets and tell everyone that passed by, "Brenda Walsh and I drink from the same cup!!!"

(ffwd to 0:07 and you'll notice the mug Cindy Walsh hands Brandon is the pink/blue version of Mami's green/blue mug, as seen below. The Walshes were so cool they had the pink AND the blue set. I was so jealous!)

 Today, not many of those dishes still survive. I think Mami has all the mugs but only three or four of the plates. Every time I visit her and see them in the cabinet, I remember that special bond Brenda and I shared-the endless cups of cocoa and tea we had from our famous dishes as we chatted about that bitch Kelly and that backstabber Dylan. Oh what a time we had!

*smooches...realizing that my crazy started way back when*
I suppose I was just born nut-so!

ALSO, please ffwd to 2:58 in the clip to see my favorite Brenda/Dylan scene of all time. OF ALL TIME!