Monday, July 16, 2012

Dexter, Season 7: The Teaser

Since I shut down my entertainment blog you all will have to, for better or worse, deal with my meanderings about music, films, literature and television. DEAL WITH IT. And one show I've been obsessively watching since 2006 is Showtime's "Dexter" about a blood spatter expert/serial killer. And frankly, if you don't watch & love this show I truly have to question the validity of our friendship.

ANYWAY, season 6 left off in SUCH A CRAZY MANNER, and the Showtime gods hath blessed us with a 2-minute teaser trailer of the first episode of the new season (premiering in September... GRRR... so. far. away.).

It left me with mixed feelings: underwhelmed but curious like a motherfucker. Basically this trailer continues to evoke the same question I yelled at my computer screen after watching the season 6 finale last year: IS DEXTER GONNA HAVE TO KILL HIS SISTER?!?!

Dawg, shit just got real.

*smooches...waiting for September like you wouldn't believe*
this show makes my heart sing, like, for real!