Friday, July 20, 2012

"Edge Of Seventeen"

Today is Ks 17th birthday. I'm going to refrain from throwing myself on the floor and crying like a lunatic, yelling out "MY BABY!!!" but please know that that exact scenario is playing itself out in my head right now.

And this Stevie Nicks song doesn't really fit the occasion, but it has 17 in the title and is much better that the Sex Pistol's "Seventeen" which was incomprehensible, Winger's "Seventeen" which promotes pedophilia and statutory rape or Janis Ian's "At Seventeen" about ugly wallflowers with no friends. My baby is beautiful, fun, funny, has many friends and is just as kick-ass as classic rock songs like "Edge of Seventeen."

Now please excuse me as I throw myself on the floor dramatically, cry like a lunatic and yell out "MY BABY!!!" because dammit, she's not a baby anymore. She's an awesome young woman.

Look at those cheeks!
Such an adorable smile

Mari's little K-bear

She loves herself as much as we love her LOL!

One of her many headpieces; gotta love her!

*smooches...sad but happy*
it's life, right? I can't exactly stop her from aging, can I?