Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties


(If there are any computer experts who can PHYSICALLY come over here and fix my computer I'd be willing to barter with you- I can write, cook, clean, tutor, draw crazy stick figures and sing all the songs in West Side Story, Grease, Annie and Buffy, The Musical off-key.

PLEASE don't just offer ways I can fix it myself in the comments because that will anger me. I've already TRIED doing that. I need an expert. Who knows PCs. Thank you.)

*smooches...wondering who put this pox upon my house and why*
I seriously have some sort of curse on me or something because everything, YES, EVERYTHING is turning to shit before my very this because I promised not to make any Pope jokes in 2009 but did it anyway? *sigh* The Vatican is so freakin spiteful, shoooo!