Friday, January 08, 2010


I'm having a serious case of The Writer's Block (and yes, it's called THE Writer's Block, because when you put THE in front of an ailment it makes it that much more serious...which this just happens to be) both professionally and personally.

I've been writing for the same clients since 2006 and their message never changes- renew Indian Point's license; protect retiree pensions; blah blah motherfucking blah. It's so hard to find something new to say when THEY don't have anything new to say. I'm truly bored out of my mind with these clients and if they weren't my bread & butter...ugh...

And my stories...most of these I've been writing since 2000. TEN YEARS I've been dealing with these characters and their issues and quirks and they are just so annoying at this point I can barely breathe when I pick up my manuscript. BitchBooBye! (c) B. Scott

Even the blog has been somewhat of a burden lately. Let's just say that the things pressing on my mind I cannot/will not share on this site, and the stuff I CAN share is so blah I'd rather not bore you with it some days. Even writing THIS post took so much out of me.

So I decided to put those things aside this week and work on some new stuff. Just abandon the other words (not something I would recommend to other writers, tho) and just try my hand at some new characters. You know what happened? Those other bitches from the 10yr old story would not leave me alone! They were all, "So you're just gonna leave us here in limbo and not finish? Is that what's hot in the streets in 2010?" And they kept at it for days and days and days!

I thought I had them licked on Wednesday night as I feverishly worked on something new-ish (the skeleton for it visited me in 2006) until 5:00AM. But when I looked at what I had to show for my all night writing session I was truly disappointed to see I'd only amassed 2,000 words. WTMFF?!

Not to downplay 2,000 words or anything, but I was up all night. I really thought I'd have more to show for it. So I get it- the old stories want closure, and most likely they will not stop harassing me until they get some. GOT IT.

In the meantime, can someone send me a fresh batch of inspiration? I'd rather be homeless than not have something to write!

*smooches...wondering where my muse went*
with my luck that heifer is on vacation somewhere warm, sipping fruity umbrella drinks and having all manner of explicit activities w/tanned buff Brazilian men. Bitch.