Friday, January 22, 2010

Reason #35,438 Why I Love NYC

I was invited by the lovely Eb the Celeb to see Timbaland at the Filmore, courtesy of her good friend Daniel (who happens to be a beast on keyboards) and guess what? I also get to see Miss Keri Baby, Lil Kim, Petey Pablo and even that jackass bane of my existence, Sean Combs.

And in case I wasn't already aware, Timbaland is a crazy talented beat maker. That shit was dope as motherfucking hell!

AND when he asked is Brooklyn in the house, you know we were like 80 percent of the crowd, right?

"Put ya lightahs up!"

See why YOU should move HERE?

(You can click here to read Eb's write-up on the show)

* love with NYC all over again*
so what's so good about YOUR city, huh??