Monday, January 25, 2010

Hall & Oates, I Love You, But Sitcho Ass Down...And Other Musings

Happy Rainy Monday, my good people. How you be? Me? Eh...still tempting fate by not taking care of some shit I need to take care of, but if I actually took some initiative I wouldn't be me- know what I'm sayin?

Lets get on with the show!

Bloggers Brunching...And At The Bar!
Mi hermano, Brother Omi himself, alerted me that he will be in the NY next month, so you know what that means, right? PAR-TAY! And you're all invited so save the date.

Although I don't really have a date in mind yet it will be on a weekend so that we can take advantage of one of the many "unlimited mimosa" brunch specials all over NYC. So save one of your weekends. And expect lots of drinking. I mean, not to feed the stereotype or anything, but we ARE Dominican. We like to drink. Deal!

Me Playing Sports = Hilarity Waiting To Happen
I need some help with a project I have in mind involving me + sports. Some of you play sports, or know people who are athletes. Well I need you to introduce me to these athletes for a mockumentary-type project I have in mind. I already have a baseball pro helping me, but I need a swimmer, soccer player, football player (preferable a sexy one...ROAR), golf pro (NOT Tiger...EWWWWWW), etc etc. Any and every sport you can think of- if you know someone who plays it I want to know them!

Send all information to:

And I hope I don't need to tell you fools that they need to be in the NYC metropolitan area, okay?

Hall & Oates, I Love You, But Sitcho Ass Down
Did you know that Hall & Oates were nominated for a Grammy for Sara Smile, a song that was first released 20 million years ago? Now, I like the song and them white boys as much as the next person but WTF? So yeah, we're talking Grammys tonight on Monday Musings because of that bullshit right there.

Smarty P. Jones is co-hosting, which should make for an interesting show since we ain't even talking right now *rolls eyes* But must go on...

And make sure you visit to get a list of the nominees so you can clown them, too!

You're Coming To My Reading, RIGHT?
I really hate to threaten, coerce and strong arm, but Lady Estrogen LOVES it.

So make sure you're there- front and center and on time!

And The Best Text Message Of The Month Award Goes To...
JACK, of course, for sending me this tidbit after the umpteenth time of him suffering sympathy PMS symptoms with me:

JACK: I ABHOR your cycle. Can we get you a hysterectomy?

If only it were that easy, my friend...if only...

*smooches...hoping Jack doesn't go postal when I go through "the change"*
I really can't help it if I'm the dominant bitch in this relationship...