Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Google Reader Stole Me Away From You

Want to know why I hardly comment on your blog anymore?

In an effort to consolidate my time online I began adding RSS Feeds to my Google Reader- it's a one-stop-shop of blog reading! However, it doesn't allow for commenting. I have to visit the actual blog for that. And for my lazy ass, sometimes that's one step too many.

Some of you are completely obnoxious with it and force me to click on your blog by only allowing snippets of what you've written in the Reader (BOOOO) but most of you understand how busy we all are and let me read the entire post. And for that I thank you.

The rest of you are just selfish!

That said, if you're reading my blog via some sort of RSS feed, know that I allow my entire blog post to appear on those things because I never want you to feel obligated to come here and comment, and I don't run this blog for profit so the amount of visits I get doesn't phase me. Feel free to come and go, or not, as you please.


*smooches...looking for ways to streamline my emails next*
I already use labels and filters in Gmail... any other suggestions?