Monday, January 11, 2010

The Return Of Monday Musings

Hey there, Hi there, Ho was everyone's weekend? Mine? UGH, let's not go there. I'm trying HARD to forget it. Let's just say there was some yelling, some tears, some emotional eating, some inappropriate Blackberry Messenger conversations and a lot of time spent throwing shit out. Just a hot ghetto mess.

But for at least an hour this evening I get to pretend that everything is peachy-keen in my world for the 2010 premiere of Monday Musings! Tonight I'm unveiling a new segment, the Jaded Blogger Profile, and first up is my homie and yours, Eb the Celeb.

For those who don't know, Eb recently re-did her blog ( and is hosting two launch parties in NYC tomorrow night in its honor. She's also the brainchild behind Sista Sports, the very place where I drop some baseball science every now and again.

I urge you all to tune in, spread the word, and be prepared to call in with a plethora of questions for Eb about blogging, music, sports, her quest for a Winter Boo and/or her Something New and all manner of embarrassing insightful topics.

Of course, I also expect my chatroom regulars to be there, too, acting like straight fools as usual.

*smooches...happy for the distractions in my life*
I need to work on not getting too bogged down in my problems; thank god for this blog and all that it entails for keeping me busy...