Monday, January 04, 2010

Back To Business; Not As Usual, Hopefully

Hello, dearies, and welcome once again to 2010. Y'all feeling alright? Everything copacetic in your Universe? Awesomeness. Me? Eh, I could be better. There's some shit that decided to fall on my lap during the holidays to fuck up my good cheer but I can deal with it. Let me correct that- I HAVE TO deal with it so don't worry your pretty little heads over it. I got this.

Actually I don't, but I'll figure it out. I always do.

Anyways, I wanted to bring a few things to your attention as you ease into your week:

1- Since the fall I've been writing some sports pieces over at Sista Sports; have you been reading them? If not, get on that pronto. I mainly write about beisbol and The Mets and what the FUCK is wrong with them...the usual stuff in my trademark Jaded tone. Besides, you know you can't get enough of me, so click on over there and check it out.

2- I was commissioned to do a little artwork for a fellow blogger and I'm rather proud of it. And he liked it so much he requested another one that I'm currently working on. You guys already know how EPIC my stick figure art is, and now the whole world will know, too. Well, at least his readership will know. And for the sake of my own ego I'm going to assume he has a wider audience. Take a peek on over to Throat Chop University and see for yourself.

3- A while back I mentioned launching a site publishing readers letters in the fashion of my "Letters I'll Never Send" posts and requested submissions from you guys. Well I'm not-so-happy to report that each and every one of you, except for Smarty Jones and Brother Omi, are a bunch of non-participating scaredy-cat smelly butts, and I'm almost through with the lot of you. Submit something NOW or we're going to have problems.

4- I've decided to extend my Monday Musings hiatus for another week. Simply put, I have some things to take care of this week and I made a promise to myself that in 2010 I will NOT over-schedule or over-commit myself for the sake of my mental health. While planning my TO DO list for this week, Monday Musings drew the short straw, so I will not be broadcasting until the 11th.

5- Speaking of Monday Musings, please make sure you've read Pet Sematary by January 18th so that you can join in on the Jaded Literary Moment on the air that night. Now, some of you have commented on me choosing a "genre" book but you know what? Stephen King is an awesome writer. I LOVE his work. If you have a problem with know what you can do... *side eye*

Listen, I'm trying to get some stuff done here so just bear with me. I thought midnight would come on the 1st and my motivation would just kick in on its own and throw depression out on its ass and it didn't happen so I'm taking some steps. Just bear with me. And support my efforts, dammit!

*deep breaths*

My bad, I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm just frustrated. I appreciate your patronage and support, and hope you choose to continue to grace us with...oh fuck it! Even I don't buy it... SUPPORT MY EFFORTS, DAMMIT, or I will accidentally-on-purpose leave your name off my book release party's guest list.

*smooches...struggling to dive into this new year*
I'll get stuff done; you'll see. you will ALL see.