Monday, November 09, 2009

A Show, A Movie "Tweetup" And A Date With A Recipe

Welcome to another week at the Jaded Insane Asylum. Don't come complaining about how I've ruined your brain and all that mess... you came here voluntarily. That said, here's what you need to know for this week:

The "Immature Media" Tried To Eat Your Babies
Here's the deal- we all know the phrase "sex sells" and we see that phrase in practice selling everything from eyeshadow to Doritos. You and I can laugh it off or ignore it, but what happens when your kids see the same advertisement? Or how about if they happen to catch Fox News and their hate campaign against the current administration? OR what if they're watching ANY news channel and have to see bloody image after bloody image of the violence happening around the world? How do you keep this negativity from ruining your perfect child?

Tune in to Monday Musings tonight as Brother Omi and I try to walk you through it. Make sure you tell all parents to listen and participate tonight. Or not. The world needs ditch-diggers, too, I suppose...

This Friday... The World ENDS!!!
-cue ominous music-
YES, it's true. This Friday the film 2012 premieres in theaters nationwide. Since my boo-honey-lover John Cusack is STARRING IN IT I shall be there front and center, and I'm taking some people with me. I've already recruited three folks (one of which is Nina. Yes NINA, the crazy chick who happens to be related to me) but we'd love to see a theater full of our blogger & twitter friends. Email me for the details!

Soon, I Will Rule The WORLD Kitchen!
If you follow me on Twitter (@thejadednyer) Wednesday will be fun, as I am live tweeting Titi Gloris teaching me and the babies how to make SANCOCHO! Finally, after all these years of waiting for others to make this delicious soup for me, I'm going to learn to make it myself. Exciting, right? I live for these moments- the handing down of the family recipes/traditions- and it's even more exciting that I get to share it with the babies. And yes, they're as excited about it as I am!

I only need to learn a few more dishes and them POW- Queen of the Universe! Watch!

*smooches...happy to have things to look forward to*
it's weeks like this that keep the straight edge away from my wrist! what's your week looking like??