Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Before You Begin All Your Turkey Day Preparations...

...I have a few official business items to bring to your attention.

1- The Jaded Bodega has been open for a couple of months now... why aren't you shopping? Oh I know why, because you're too busy asking ME for free shit! Mhmm, you know who you are. I know I willingly offered prizes in the beginning, but that was then and this is now and some of y'all are acting like straight-up leeches at this point. You know I don't have a job, right? Okay, just checking. (Much love to Celia who helped herself to a Jaded mug. Besos!)

2- The deadline to submit the first round of "Letters I'll Never Send" is December 18th, and I know you all have a bunch of things you need to get off your chest. Especially with the holiday's coming up. Trust me when I say a letter is a GREAT way to do that. Email me at with your submission or for more information.

3- On Monday Musings next week we're discussing the book, "In Cuba I Was A German Shepherd" by Ana Menendez. Some of you are all, "I don't have the time!" but it's a book of short stories and I really think you will enjoy it. Visit your local library or Strands or Barnes and Noble to get a copy today- it's an easy read, trust!

4- Writers, guess what? I was thinking that I don't have enough shit to worry about so I decided to organize a literary reading in January. I'm looking to feature FIVE writers- poets, too- up on a mic, sharing their gifts with a smallish audience of friends and literary lovers. I invite submissions from Latino/a writers at this time at: on the theme "The Latino Family." And of course, you can interpret that any way you'd like.

(Everyone else fret not- the next reading, in February or March, will be more inclusive. This first one, however, is being sponsored by my Latina Writers Workshop, hence the theme.)

5- I don't really have a five; I have OCD tendencies about lists ending in multiples of 5. So there you have it. DEAL WITH IT.

*smooches...wondering how long before it all pays off*
I need Mama Oprah to throw a windfall my way for real! Soooo many ideas in my head and no loot to see it all materialize... AACK!