Friday, November 13, 2009

Again With The Crazy

I'm like this today:

Scrambling to find another main source of income seeing as I fucked up a project big time and it looks like the end of the line for me with my former-boss-turned-client.

And I've looked and looked and looked for lucrative freelance gigs but no one is looking to pay me what I need because, well honestly, besides this blog my writing clips are few and far between.

So just fuck it- I suppose it's time to swallow my pride and go back to answering phones and shit, huh? Those jobs pay handsomely and even have benefits. The freelance life was nice while it lasted, I guess. Got to hang out with friends, attend some nice shows and events, slept in late, spent time with the babies- it was almost like a mini vacation from life.

But now my cupboards are bare, my bank account has cobwebs and unless I turn tricks or rob a bank, my landlord might just be getting an IOU come December 1st.

Why am I telling you this? Because I don't want you to be surprised if the next time you're buying sweet tea at McDonald's you see me there asking you if you'd like fries with that.

*smooches...tired of selfishly chasing a pipe dream*
it's not fair to the babies; I need to get a real job already...