Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Week's Assignment...Sigh

It breaks my heart to know that people in this country, land of opportunity and a trillion and one resources, there are grown ass people who can't put together a measly paragraph or two.

After reading some of these papers from the godforsaken English Composition class I teach online, I just want to curl up into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep.

Observe Exhibit A:

Sacrifices are greater for women then men when becoming a surgeon. Women elect to wait longer than men to start their personal lives started. Marriage and having children are among a few of the reasons why women wait to start their personal lives (Phend, 2009).

Data shows women make greater sacrifices on average than men. Women indicate a greater value for maternity leave than men, and would prefer a greater availability of part-time hours in order to spend more time with their families (Phend, 2009).

Females complete the same requirements as men to become surgeons but do not receive the same respect during or after the process. The challenges faced by women throughout the academic and training process can be more difficult and demanding than for men. For example, men are more likely to be accepted into some programs than women, and because of the poor judgment that some women, it has made it more difficult for the majority of female surgeons (Kowalczyk, 2007).

Somebody come get me...

*smooches...hoping I can get a good final paper out of these students*
I wonder if my stankness for their illiteracy is translating through my comments on their papers?