Monday, November 23, 2009

Football For Dummies...And Other Musings

Just stuff going on in my crazy mind...

Men In Uniform
Apparently, I get my penchant for servicemen from my mom. She was like a school girl asking for our picture to be taken with these dudes after Mari's Army 10-mile race back in October!

And clearly, even Colonial Uniforms are a turn on, too.

This Cake Never Stood A Chance...
...against two PMSing females and a 9-year-old with a bottomless pit for a stomach. Exhibit A:

was baked on Saturday night. The photo above is what it looked like on SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Help Us!

Football For Dummies
You all know that I am an avid beisbol fanatic that dabbles in football in the winter. But I have to say, I don't really understand the ins and out of the latter. I could easily step in for any umpire during a Mets game, but ask me to make a call during a football game and you'll hear crickets. So I figured it's time I get schooled on this game, since I find myself yelling at the computer monitor during game days.

So tonight on Monday Musings, blogger and compadre 12kyle of The 12th Planet will co-host seeing as he eats & breathes football like his life depends on it. (Quietly, I think it does!) If you don't want to be left out, make sure and tune in!!

Get A Haircut, Hippie!
I posted this pic on Twitter to both A) show off my locks and B) solicit sponsorship for a much needed visit to the hair salon for a haircut.

My ends are looking cat-raggedy... it refuses to hold a curl and gets all frizzy at the slightest hint of humidity... won't anyone sponsor a Jaded NYer today?!

Is There A Doctor In The House?
I know these Halloween pictures are mad tardy for the party, but better late than never, heifers!

The Happy Hour Ladies

Dr. Penzo and Eb the Gladiator

"Gimme that night fever, night feverrrrrrrr... we know how to do it..."

*smooches...staying too busy to realize I'm unemployed*
What's going on in your world, suckazzzzz?!