Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Suzy!...And Other Musings

Just a summary of a few happenings that you missed out on because you're not me:

Nina Was Here!
And yeah, she looks all innocent... a nice, sweet person...

...and then she convinced Irene to chug a triple shot of tequila and THIS happened:

People, please, be very, very careful whenever you hang out with one of MY relatives. You think El Generalissimo is bad? Pssssh! You just haven't met enough of my family yet. MUAHAHAHAHA!

La Casa Del Mofongo
Listen here, folks. I'm gonna need for you to keep an open mind about this dish I'm about to recommend to you, ok? Please know that I would never lead you astray *dramatic pause as I read the paragraph above* OK maybe I'd steer you wrong with drinks just for kicks, but not with food. I take food real serious.

I found this restaurant in Washington Heights (aka Little DR) on St. Nicholas, La Casa Del Mofongo, and I HAD TO GO. Let me explain how delicious mofongo is... some of you NYers have had mangu before, I know- it's the breakfast dish with mashed plantains that is usually served with fried cheese, Dominican sausage and eggs w/red onions (and if you haven't GET SOME!!). Well mofongo is fried plantains mashed up with garlic and other tasty seasonings, in a wooden mortar and pestle.

Then it's filled or topped with a plethora of yummies: chicken, seafood, veggies, pork, beef, you name it. Even spaghetti. Yes. Spaghetti.

Here's a little known fact- Dominicans eat spaghetti with their food, even if we already have rice. A plate of white rice, beans, spaghetti, stewed chicken, fried plantains and a green salad with avocados and beets? A typical dinner at my house when I was but a wee lass. I dare you to wonder why I have so many food issues...

Thug Boogie Loves Lupe
For those of you who tuned in to the show on Monday, you may remember me saying how much N likes Lupe Fiasco. Here's proof:

That's her jam, okay? She took the time to play it over and over and learn all the lyrics and god help me if the song comes on and I try to skip it...

Meet Suzy!
Finally got a new printer. Wanna Meet her? Here she go:

Her name is Suzanne, Suzy for short, and she's WIRELESS, y'all. She was named after one of my TV idols, Suzanne Sugarbaker of Designing Women. I think I'm suffering from a weird affliction that makes me crave Southern things. I blame it on my friendship with Smarty Jones!

Brooklyn, We Dance Hard
Especially when no one else can here the music but us.

Don't hate...

*smooches...thinking, these are the moments that I live for*
and I doubt I'll be needing that Windex for anything other than cleaning the mirror in the bathroom. What? Oh no, honey, I don't do windows...