Friday, November 27, 2009


I didn't over-eat like I'd planned (thanks a lot, cramps!) and my hair was frizzing up like a little bitch:

but what I did eat was marvelously delicious. Then Titi Gloris brought out the family photos:

A Young Papi & Titi Gloris

Minnie none-to-thrilled with Santa

Me, barely out the womb!

Mami, Minnie and me (in vitro LOL)

And THEN her hubby popped in the most awesome salsa concert DVDs. Like so:

I think hands down, our Thanksgiving was better than yours. Especially because we're so amazingly beautiful:

There, I said it.

*smooches...with plans to gorge on leftovers*
hope your weekend plans include me. or at least thoughts of me. because I'm vain that way!