Thursday, April 16, 2009

They Will NEVER Tear Us Apart

Just another example of why Jack owns my soul...

ME: Is it too much to ask for just ONE THING to be easy in my life? Just one measly thing? I'm not a greedy person; I know everything is not going to just be handed to me, but really? EVERYTHING in my life has to turn into an AP Nuclear Physics 301 final exam? Really?

Sorry... just venting...

Jack: Be happy the exam isn't in Mandarin Chinese!

ME: OMG- I would be the idiot who comes in late and has to take it in Mandarin because it's the only test booklet left since Liu Chin decides he feels like taking his test in English, leaving me with the one reserved for him!!!! UGH!!!!!

I'm gonna kick Liu Chin's ASS!!!!!!!!


泰暴力冲突加剧 他信称有人死亡

(pssst: the answer is "C")

* grateful for my friends in this time of need*
now if only they all lived on my block, my life would be perfect. JESUS-EFFIN-CHRIST! can you imagine the summer block party? out of this world...