Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Officially Declare This Season Of Monday Musings Over

Hey dearies!

I know some of you come over here on Tuesdays to see what craziness happened on the show the previous night... well, let me tell you- this time it was craziness to beat all craziness:

I canceled the show and am officially on hiatus.

I can sit here and try to give diplomatic reasons why and say I'll use the extra time to work out or be with my kids or finish my thesis, pero la mera verdad is that I'm tired.

Tired of making big plans only to have them poop all over my head.

This show was my baby but I have to admit defeat right now because hosting it has been kicking my ass since I began in September.

So I'm going to take the summer off, regroup and re-evaluate if I even want to continue with the show, keep the format or change it, etc. Perhaps with more preparation on my end it will be smooth sailing and not this hodgepodge of confusion that I deal with every week. Who knows- it's all up in the air right now.

Next week I'm going to try for a reunion/recap special of sorts (if I can figure out some technology stuff- wish me luck!!) but other than that, I hope you all enjoyed The Great Immigration Debate segment from 4/20 (which was pretty freakin awesome, by the way... great way to close out the show!), because that was my official season finale and I'm not sure if the network will be picking us up for season two. I don't think we have the same following as 24 or CSI. *smile*

As of now I have tentative plans to return in September, but anything can happen between now and then.

In the meantime I want to take a minute to thank the regulars and cheering section: The F$%k-It List, Smarty Jones, Irene, and Brother Omi who really made this enjoyable for me. To the people who peeked in from time to time, thanks for stopping by and tuning in. Also a big thanks to all my former co-hosts who stayed up late to talk shit with me on the air- you all know who you are- I had a blast, for real.

Unfortunately the stress level of putting a show together out-weighted the chatroom shenanigans, and y'all know my psyche is delicate at best as it is.

But fear not- you can always just come here for your daily dose of Jaded goodness... the blog will be here, marching on as usual.

*smooches...with a heavy heart but a clear head*
thank goodness for meditation, otherwise I'd be a mess right about now... I'm a little sad but I know everything happens for a reason.