Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home Depot Mini Photo Blog

For those that don't know, Mami bought a house in Union, NJ, so I've been helping her maneuver through the craziness that is getting a house ready, moving, etc. As if I know!

(I mean I can paint a few rooms and help her layout the furniture just right, but that lawnmower in the garage? I think it threatened to eat my children. And the basement? It told me to GET OUT!)

But when Mari was here Easter weekend we went to Home Depot to talk about paint and bathroom fixtures, etc, and ran across a trio of, um, blogable people. Oh how I love the blogable people of the Tri-State Area. Seriously, they make me smile so hard!

Side note- you know what's really funny? Mami will see something weird and encourage me to capture the pic and then blog it! She's insane. Now it's officially known where I get it from.

And now, prepare yourself for...

Jersey Hair To The 300th Power
Feast your eyes on this HOT GHETTO MESSSSSSSS!

Is she kidding me with this 'do? Really, lady? You got up a whole extra hour that morning to do THAT?

Travis Left Gym Class Heroes?
And decided to mix paint at Home Depot? Let me find out the band broke up...

Why did he have the only attitude, though? He's lucky he didn't bring it our way- when me, Mami and Mari are together, sheeeiiiit, you can just imagine the stankness level.

Babatunde Disguised As Jerome
Mari had me IN TEARS making fun of this dude who took care of us...

his name tag said Jerome but his accent was HEAVY... he had to be from Haiti or the motherland for real... Mari is just all kinds of wrong!

Ahhh, Jersey... At first I was upset that you stole Mami away from me but now, I see why you've come back into my life after a decade; I suspect you will be keeping this blog in business for years to come.

*smooches...anticipating my next trip across the river*
this summer will be very interesting to say the least... I can't WAIT!