Monday, April 27, 2009

Lazy Sundays... And Other Musings

Tonight On Monday Musings- Is Religion Still Relevant Today?
If you remember this show was supposed to happen a while back before Easter, but my host went MIA. But I really wanted to cover this segment, so I sought out a man of the cloth to fill in!

Pastor Montagne McDonald of Seed of Abraham Church in Nashville, TN is my co-host for tonight, and I bet you're wondering how I'd know such a person... the World Wide Web, bitchezzzz! I listen to his BTR show, Dropping Seeds Radio, whenever I'm home on Saturdays.

It's really good and the discussion is always very interesting; he definitely gets the Jaded NYer seal of approval- feel free to check them out!

You ever know that there is something you HAVE to do, but the results of that action could potentially bring your life as you know it to a halt? But if you didn't do it, if you decided to take the coward's way out, the guilt of not manning up would kill you slow?

UGH! Life can suck monkey balls right now for all I care!

The Neti Pot Adventures
N and I tried out the neti pot on Sunday to successful results. And by successful I mean neither of us choked on the saline solution nor did we have to call 911.

See for yourself on the videos below:

In this one, N uses it. Before me! That girl is my ride or die baby... she goes HARD!

In this one I finally try it. Seriously this is an angle of my face you've never really wanted to see. I apologize in advance for the nightmares.

Lazy Sundays
I believe the temperature was in the 80s in Brooklyn yesterday, which means inside my apartment it was 105.

So I'm really glad I went jogging power walking with Irene in the morning, because besides the 6:30PM trip to the supermarket I didn't do a GD thing all day except lay on my bed and enjoy the sweet breeze coming in through my window.

One, I was still sore from Saturday's workout. Two, I was still sleepy from being out late on Friday. And three I was still sore from Saturday's workout.

I May Take A Page From Michael's Book...
And start wearing a face mask, what with all this swine flu shit going around. Kinda makes you rethink your position on that border wall, right? Don't front, you were thinking it!

I swear to GOD- let one nasty-ass mofo even THINK ABOUT sneezing in my direction and he will get a full, recyclable water bottle right to the temple. I ain't playin with y'all...

I mean really- SWINE FLU? This is what will take us out, some stupid ol' swine flu? See why I don't even eat that shit?

*smooches...really suspicious of everyone's germs right now*
I ALMOST don't want to leave my house...