Monday, April 20, 2009

La Migra!...And Other Musings...

Ahhh, Monday... rainy, blah, gray... but last week was a good week and Lani's birthday is this week so I will not let drab weather and killer allergies (did I mention BOTH nostrils were totally closed up for most of Saturday? Ugh!) get me down.

So here we go, back to business as usual in full swing:

I Missed My Calling, I Think
Enough with this office/desk/writing bullshit- I should've gotten a job in construction n sh*t. Why? Because I am having the BEST time helping Mami get her house ready.

First I went out there one weekend to measure the rooms so that I could draw it to scale for her and help her arrange the furniture to perfection.

Then I went out there to help her paint, too.

(sorry it's blurry; Mami didn't know how to use my camera phone LOL)

(tell me that sh*t don't look professional!)

And even though my body ached something FIERCE, I really felt this sense of accomplishment. I forgot how much I enjoy working with my hands, building shit, etc. It was what made HS bearable because we were very hands-on in our Civil Engineering classes.

Next week, watch out because I'm cutting the grass in front AND back. Awwww, snap... can't stop, won't stop!

May 23rd... I turn 34... you're all invited (no, really, you are) so if I don't already have it, send me your contact info at if you want me to send you the party details.

And be prepared to be out from about 8PM until noon the next day. And bring your passport just in case. You never know...

La Migra!
Tonight on Monday Musings- YES, we're back!- Brother Omi and I will initiate the Great Immigration Debate.

We will discuss the myths, the politics and the ugly underbelly of the U.S. Immigration policies.

So be sure and tune in- this affects us all as Americans. Oh, and someone tell Obama to tune in, too, so we can school him...

I'm Enjoying My Celibacy
No, really, I am. It takes the pressure out of all situations with the opposite sex if you already know going in that sex is not an option, not on the menu, not even a blip on your radar.

I'm usually really shy around guys (SHUT UP, OK... it's TRUE!) but now my interactions with them are effortless 'cause I'm not even thinking about what they look like naked. Now it's just me meeting cool people and hanging out and having fun.

But let's just say, last week, for like a minute (or two or three or fifty...) I almost threw all my ideals out the window. Good kissers have a way of f*cking with your morals sometimes... or was that the Haitian rum working it's voodoo on me? Hmmm...

*smooches...'cause it's good to be back*
so how's everybody? did you file your taxes? was Uncle Sam good to you? see any good movies? cop any good CDs I should check out? tell me what's good, homies!