Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Minna Street Players Present: West Side Story

I don't bake cookies (anymore); I'm not waiting for my kids when they get home from school (yet). I'm not involved in their schools and I don't care for play dates.

Instead, this is what passes for quality time at my house.

Sit back and enjoy the show...

Scene from West Side Story.WAV - The Minna Street Players

And did I mention I saw the Broadway revival of this classic musical

(Photos by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America)

with my sister from another mother, Lady Muireann of Bangs and a Bun...

...pictured here with her girl Linda, with a special appearance by my frizzy ass, caught-in-the-misty-rain hair.

Before my hair met up with the elements, it looked so cute, too. See here:

And here:

Either way, we saw West Side Story on Broadway, and Muireann and I had to concentrate hard on:

>not singing along or jumping on stage, and
>not ruining our eye make-up as we teared up when --SPOILER ALERT-- Chino shot Tony.

It was an absolutely amazing revival, complete with an actual Latino cast to play the Sharks and bi-lingual dialogue and songs. WOO HOO!!

So I didn't let my hair bother me too much. I looked totally cute- frizzy, but cute- and I think it's safe to say that we three were the baddest bitches at the Palace Theatre (where everyone else was wearing SWEAT PANTS!), at the Cajun place we went to afterwards (where the South American/Mexican busboys/kitchen help were undressing me with their eyes as I walked towards the restroom), and at the LES dive where we ended up (where the posse of rhythmically-challenged partiers dropped E, as if that would help their moves). The people I hang with are just too hot to handle.

Yeah, I know you're jealous...

*smooches...feeling pretty, oh so pretty*
fist time I saw that play, and then the movie, and then held the soundtrack in my arms... man I wished for acting abilities so that I could BE Anita. But that didn't work out...