Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Should Have Never Dropped Her On Her Head

First thing is first- I had a really good turn out for this week's show on Immigration, and the chatroom discourse was less shenanigan-ish and more on point... until Irene started talking about octo-mom's cavernous vagina. That's when things started to go down the tomfoolery road!

But here's the link for those that missed it: The Great Immigration Debate

And please- if you liked what you heard, come back next week AND rate the show for chrissake. What do you think- I'm doing this for my health? Jeez...


Over the Easter weekend, Mari made it a point to show me her new moccasins, and to tell me how much she loved them and how they symbolized her membership with the Minnetonka tribe.

I warned her that I would blog it and she defiantly put on said moccasins and posed for a picture.

She even started telling me how she threatened a friend of hers with a tribal attack- that her Minnetonka posse would actually ATTACK- because of some disagreement they were having.

See... what had happened was, when Mari was a baby, she fell off my bed, and I didn't catch her in time before she went Kerpluey! right onto her noggin. My bad...

This is why I know that long after all the other bloggers give up, shut down, get too busy to write, whatever, The Jaded NYer will always be in business... I'm never at a loss for material.

Especially with a nut job for a baby sis.

*smooches...knowing full well that she THRIVES on the attention!
mari loves every minute of every shout out she gets on here... it's her version of being on a reality show! lol