Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason #28,993 Why I Love NY

Saturday started out pretty slow; just me in my apartment not doing anything productive. But then that evening I faced the rain and wind and made my way to the City for Hip Hop Karaoke. It was a tribute night to Biggie and SO SO SO much fun.

Of course I did NOT participate (in the Jaded bylaws it specifically states that I am forbidden from actively participating in any activities that might, in any way, be misconstrued as "fun"), but I enjoyed the night. Even though I never connected with the other bloggers I was s'posed to meet up with (sorry, hon!) and I had to get hood with this youngblood who tried to step to me:

Wack-ass Young Guy (WAYG): What's your name shorty?

Me: (I gave my fake name, the one I use when I don't want to give my real name. Jack knows it...)

WAYG: What school you go to, 'cause I know you go to school...

ME: (giving him the side-eye) I been out of school, son!

WAYG: Word? How old are you?

Me: 32

WAYG: WORD? Yo, you a fine 32

Me: (rolling my eyes) Gee, thanks.

WAYG: So where you from?

Me: Brooklyn

WAYG: I'm from Jersey

Me: (I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like...) Oh, I don't talk to guys from Jersey...

WAYG: (ignoring my comment and RESTING HIS DAMN CHIN ON MY SHOULDER, cause did I mention he was short??) So can I get your number?

Me: (channeling Dave Chappelle's rendition of Dylan in his "Making the Band" skit) YOU TOO CLOSE, HOMIE, BACK THE FUCK UP.

That seemed to do the trick. I gotta remember that for next time. And I know, I let that convo go on for entirely too long, but I thought he'd leave me alone when he realized that every time I answered a question I would turn my back to him. Whatever...

But yo, seriously, check out the next show on April 4th. Did I mention that it's free??

THEN, while I was on my way home and looking for an excuse NOT to go home, I met up with my favorite Haitian at a loft party in the Slope at like 4AM (which was really 3AM, but, you know, Daylight Savings and all).

I mean crazy techno and world music with hype men on the mic, leftover club kids, smoking indoors (of all kinds; an no I did NOT partake...), cheap liquor, live drummers, videos playing on the walls, white girls giving lap dances...the whole nine! Can you say PAR-TAY?! Needless to say I'll be back...

I just know no other place in this country is as much fun as NYC... And that whole night only set me back $14...don't hate...

*smooches...determined to stay here no matter how many of my friends move away*
Sunday, of course, was just me layin' up on my couch watching Love Jones for the trillionth time and basking in the afterglow...