Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Only Hope, Eh?

I was just sent this video. I'll let you watch it before I comment.

(WARNING: it might not be safe for work)

This dude is INSANE IN THE BRAIN!!!

1- She's a 54DD? Hmm...might be time to get new glasses, Alice. I'd say she was a 32D at best.

2- Are you actually in God's house saying the word "titties" and calling someone's mother a whore and saying they were born trash, but you're not trashing them? IN GOD'S HOUSE? Wow. That's gangsta.

3- I wouldn't be callin' on Elijah and his slayin' of lyin' preachers if I were you...

4- If you don't speak I don't eat? Shiiit, that's messed up! Well, keep speaking then, 'cause I's a food lovin' bitch!

5- Those who speak against you will get cancer AND have to eat eggshell soup with pigeon droppings gravy? Hmm... What's the weather like on your planet?

6- My personal favorite: in 500 years the black man has not progressed, but in two years Mexicans will be running their lives and writing their paychecks? Actually, I kinda have to agree on that can't fling a sombrero in this country without hitting a Mexican these days...

And lastly, if this "Pastor Manning" is our last hope, well, shit, it was nice knowing y'all 'cause Armageddon is here!

Man, that was- HANDS DOWN- the BEST video I've seen to date... I'd really like to meet this poor delusional bastard; crazy people interest me...

* so glad I got to see this video*
and make sure not to miss the boys in the choir cracking up behind him...