Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Now The Fallout...

New York Governor Idiot Spitzer, AKA Client 9, spent 80Gs on hookers?! Are you FUCKING kidding me? I hope that number is exaggerated... you know what I can do with 80Gs, dude? My student loans would be a thing of the past, credit cards would have a zero balance and my paycheck would be all mine.

80Gs on hookers... I can't even fathom that much money on something other than education or real estate... and folks- he's a product of three of the best schools in the country: Horace Mann, Princeton and Harvard Law. And still, he spent 80Gs on hookers... maybe he should have majored in economics...
On Tuesday, Dr. Laura Schlessinger just started some shit by stating that, when men cheat, women have to share part of the blame.

OOOH!! Dr. Laura is GANGSTA! Now you KNOW the ladies are gonna rip her a new one for that!!

Me? I have to agree with her only because I've been that wife. And I can honestly say that I had a part in my ex's indiscretions. I mean, my situation was nothing compared to this mess, but still...

Listen to me before you start cussing me out from your respective soapboxes.

I am in NO WAY excusing anyone's behavior- you break a trust and we're through. Period. But we're through because obviously A) you don't respect me enough to keep it in your pants and B)I don't love you enough to care (at least in my case).

A guest on Dr. Laura's show, "...psychologist Jeff Gardere, said that trying to decide who’s at fault is beside the point. 'It’s not about the blame game,' he said. 'It’s about looking at what’s going on in this marriage that may have been ripe for this to happen.'"

And I agree with that 100%. I won't go into details about my own situation (I must maintain some sense of mystery in our relationship *wink*), but I will cop to, at times, fostering the type of relationship that would make it easy for any man to turn his back on his vows. I'm not saying that to dog myself or take the blame, I'm stating a fact. I know what I did, how I behaved and the cruel, cutting words that came out of my mouth...I can accept my role in what went wrong.

At first, I joined everybody else in the whole, "I can't believe Silda Wall Spitzer is standing next to that fool supporting him and not beating him senseless with a chancleta" but the ex Mrs. McGreevey helped me see the other side of it and recall my own situation. Mrs. Spitzer knows what she's doing and why, and what kind of relationship she has.

Do you, Silda. I got your back, gurl!
You just KNOW that when the news broke, wherever Hillary was she was cursing like a sailor. Can't you picture it?

"That motherFUCKER! Now every *bleep* reporter is going to ask me about this *beep*!!!"

Then she probably looked over at Bill and gave him the stankest of side-eyes and said, "You just had to fuck those hos, didn't you?!" And Bill would be cowering in the corner yelling, "Please don't beat me again! I said SORRY!" ...Secret service would just quietly leave the room and let the ass-whoopin' commence.

At that very moment, somewhere along the campaign trail, Barack and Michelle Obama lit up a fat one and hi-five'd each other... McCain muttered under his breath, "Damn, I hope they don't look into Client 11..."
So now they are calling for Spitzer to step down, and in discussing it with Cathi (yes, we discuss's not always Tequila and balls with us, OKAY?) we both wondered aloud why elected officials are asked to step down when they get caught with their pants down, literally.

I asked my co-workers, seeing as they are 20X more knowledgeable on this stuff than I am (they've all been in politics and PR since the caveman days); come to find that in Client 9s case, this is a matter of broken federal laws: he had this trick brought across state lines for the expressed purpose of paying her for sex, PLUS where he got the funds (and it had BETTER not be from my tax dollars...) or how he "structured" the money to pay the ho is also under investigation.

Seeing as he was a very hard-ass'd attorney general, he shoulda known better- when you break federal laws, i.e. cheat Uncle Sam out of his money, OOOH, you're done, son! Uncle Sam is a crazy pimp who will slap a ho for coming up short- even his prize ho!

Here's a note to all men, whether you're in the public eye or just a regular Joe Schmo:

If (when?) Idiot steps down, most likely Lt. Gov. David Patterson would take over. And all anyone is saying about him is that he's legally blind and that he's well-liked. So never mind that he's got 20-some years of experience in this hustle (whereas Spitzer was just a lawyer, not a politician), he's a swell guy so he'll do a swell job.

Is it me, or whenever you have a black man on the verge of taking over some shit like this people are always like, "He's so nice and charming and everyone likes him."

SO WHAT? Can the man run this shit or not, that's all I care about...

*no smooches right now...politics and infidelity gives me hives*
the saga continues... I'm still waiting to see an Inside Edition interview with Monica and Paula's take on the situation, HA!!!