Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey Ladies...

It's National Women's History Month!!

While I'm ecstatic at yet another month to remind y'all of how special I am (remember Hispanic Heritage Month last year? Good times, good times...), I was a little sad to see that although the National Women's History Project is a wonderful place to learn and promote the great things women have done throughout history, the Latinas on there are few and far between.

This year the theme is Women’s Art: Women’s Vision, and among the 2008 honorees NOT ONE was Latina. Excuse me? Are you telling me that in all the country (or the world) they could not find one artist of Latino decent? I beg to differ.

What about the Venezuelan sculptor Marisol (Escobar)? Or, um, I don't know, Frida Kahlo? And, oh, lookit here what I found by conducting a five minute Google search: AN ENTIRE WEBSITE THAT LISTS LATINA ARTISTS. I'm just sayin'...

Even with this blatant oversight, it is still our month to shine EXTRA bright, okay, so make sure you go out there and show the world how wonderful we are. And remember what Laurel Thatcher Ulrich told us: Well behaved women rarely make history...

Make some history TODAY!

*smooches...misbehavin' like a BI-OTCH*
I'd love for my female readers to put aside the humble pie for a minute and tell me why they matter, how they shine and what makes them great. No one will call you boastful or prideful...I give you permission to get up on that pedestal where you belong, my sisters!