Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend: No Church For The Wicked...And Other Musings

My weekend in a nutshell (with many links and even a video!):

No Backsies...
My mom thinks she's slick- she asked to keep the girls this weekend since she had off from work and all, and Mari was coming home, and they were going to church, blah blah blah... so how come on Friday she tries to pull the whole, "Come get yo' kids" routine?

Nah, man, no backsies; you asked for them, you got 'em. I'm too busy chillin on my couch with some Thai food...

Laundry? What Laundry?
Listen- I picked up the stuff I've had at the cleaners since October (2007), so I think that was enough of a chore to do on my free weekend. It was more important to see WHY my beloved Kaba Modern got kicked off (one word: JabbaWockeez!!!) and to catch up with Lost, Men in Trees and...well...maybe I watched Love Jones again... I'm like OBSESSED!

The Jaded NYer Goes To...Africa?
My thesis mentor is really pushing for me to go to Ghana this summer for a literary forum he's organizing, to the point that he's offering to waive a shitload of the fees if I just submit a story for the fiction competition/scholarship and pay my own airfare (to the tune of like $1600... I wonder how much that is is twat hairs, 'cause that's all I have...).

Deb- I know you're reading this... are you still thinking of going?? Deadline is April 15th, same as with taxes... C'mon, don't make me go to my other motherland alone...

Someone PLEASE Take My Camera Away
Because I've gotten a little more serious about blogging, I never leave home without my camera. But sometimes, really, someone just needs to rip it from my hands.

Case in point:

That's supposed to be a pic of me and Lani at Reis Saturday night...can't you tell??

And this picture I like to call: Ginger's Must've Been Full (it's a private joke; just laugh and act like you get it!)

I'm Sure He Lived A Full Life
Mambo legend Israel "Cachao" Lopez died. I'm a lil sad. So in memoriam, I posted some clips of him on my other blog. Check them out.

I Gave Up On Fantasy Baseball
I realized something about myself this weekend: I'm a total computer junkie. And I love me some baseball. But Fantasy Baseball is like having another full time job. I had to quit...

In other news, St. Louis kicked our asses today... how salty am I right now?

No Church For The Wicked...

Lani: You make church today?

Me: Nope. I did everybody's hair and then stayed behind and cleaned up

Lani: Aww, one more spontaneous church fire avoided (from heathens like us crossing the threashold).

My Sister Is Delusional
Don't believe me? Peep this video right quick:

And to make matters worse... she purchased some FAKE UGGS this weekend...I'm so disgusted!

And here she is with a serious case of the "itis":

Where did I go wrong with that girl??

*smooches...not wishing you a Happy Easter 'cause I ain'ts no hypocrite*
I stayed behind and did dishes- DISHES, people- rather than go to church. And when I say dishes, I mean every dish my mom even thought about owning was up in that sink. I don't get it- she lives alone...why was ALL HER SILVERWARE up in the sink??