Monday, March 31, 2008

For All You Oprah And/Or Obama Lovers...

I found this while searching for Selena videos for my lil tribute (may she rest in peace), and I don't know... it made me chuckle. Not because I believe it or don't believe it, but because the voice over guy sounds like he wants to sell me dish detergent and I couldn't get that radio commercial out of my head. You know, the one that starts: "I am an ad voice-over guy. My voice is very, very deep. I can say anything and make it sound oh so good..." on Yahoo Radio. You know which one I mean??

Well, anyway this video is chock full of the very things you're not supposed to discuss in mixed company- Politics and Religion. But who would I be if I didn't put it out there?

*smooches...putting down my Kool-Aid and rushing over to to buy this book!*
I mean you just GOTTA laugh!! Like I'm gonna listen to Oprah or this Clay Aiken lookin' fool, or the idiot doing the voice-over! Excuse me, but I only listen to the voices in my head, thank YOU very much...