Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damn You, Headphones!!

I hadn't had a music player since my iPod died last year. But then I got Roscoe and was like YEAH! Now I don't have to listen to the Park Slope Hipsters talking their Hipster crap all the way to work!

This morning I'm rockin' out to my latest playlist- chock full of Lupe, Kanye, Common, Jilly from Philly and a lil Mika, too- and ignoring my fellow straphangers as usual. UNTIL... a Hottie McHottie Brotha gets on the train and caught my eye. I was like you doin'? but not really, 'cause I had my headphones on.

I kept sneaking lil looks over at him and every time, I caught him looking at me. And I peeped that Superman tattoo on his hand, and could tell that his abs were smooth if not tight (my X-ray vision doesn't work before 10:00 AM)...oh the evil, dirty thoughts that were running through my mind... but I digress.

So the train pulls out of 14th Street, and me and my fellow 23rd-ers (as I call the TONS of folks who get off at the same station with me) inch towards the door, and Hottie McHottie is standing right in front of said door, and I can feel him staring at me HARD, trying to make eye contact with me...and I punk out!

But NYers- feel me on this- you're just NOT supposed to speak to people on the train like that! And just HOW am I supposed to transition from wearing my headphones and rocking out to Sean Paul to not wearing them and getting Hottie McHottie's digits?? I mean, what if I HAD met his gaze, then what? I was getting off the train in like two seconds- it's not like we were about to have a deep and meaningful conversation. And I had to get to work. Plus I had my headphones on. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

Oh forget it...

I am sooooo fucking clueless...

*smooches...trying not to remember that he had the sexiest lips I've seen all week*
and he smelled really nice, and was taller than me, and, OH GOD, I need to let it go...