Monday, March 17, 2008

Damn Right I Whooped Her Ass

Y'all might have to call child protective services on me right quick...

So Miss K decided to let me go into this parent-teacher conference tonight without 'fessing up to not doing her work in Math for two weeks and being disrespectful to one of her teachers and basically being too busy "hanging with friends" to be bothered with paying attention in class and whatnot.


And I gave this child of god the opportunity LAST WEEK to tell me if there was anything I needed to know before I met with her teacher, and she stood there and LIED TO MY FACE. You know, I was no angel at her age- puberty is setting in, friends begin to matter more, etc, but you know what? I ALWAYS got my work done. None of this ghetto-ass mentality of being dumb and not doing your work being cool...NOT IN MY HOUSE. Not then and most certainly not now.

It took everything I had not to fly home and wrap my hands around her throat. DISOBEDIENCE IS NOT AN OPTION. THIS HOUSE IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. As far as she's concerned, my muthafucking name is Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, Fidel Castro, Augusto Pinoche, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin up in this bitch. And if she don't like it, she can get the fuck out. And if she thinks I'm playin', she can just TRY ME!

That child has four weeks to turn this shit around- that's when the next report cards are coming in. If I don't see a marked improvement...Lord help me I can't even finish that sentence... I can't... I need Jesus... or a drink...

*smooches...glad that Jack brought the comic relief via text...*
otherwise I'd be typing this from the back of a squad car...