Friday, March 21, 2008

Boy Do I Need A Break

Man, after Monday's showdown with K, this weekend without my kids is going to be so sweet and well-deserved. I can't even tell you all the non-kid-friendly things I want to get into, but you all have pretty good imaginations, so I'll leave it at that ;)

In the meantime, here's some housekeeping, etc updates for y'all...

Read Up, Subscribers!
My blogroll has gotten a lil fatter as I keep coming across funny/informative/insightful web pages. Take a peek over at some of the places I visit and see if you don't fall in love with their words. And stop being so dang shy/stubborn and give Stranger Than Fiction some love! I know I don't update it very often but STILL... you make a blogger wanna cry...

Two of note: JACK has started a public blog- Lord help us all; and Lani is embarking on a sort of business venture with her new blog for city cycle junkies- ride on! I am personally endorsing these, especially because they are fellow Technites and OF COURSE everything they write will be PURE GENIUS. You know, like on my site.

Yetis All Over Manhattan
Every since I spotted that dude in the fur a couple of weeks ago, I've been noticing more and more people walking around looking like Bigfoot on my way to work. Fur coats, furry boots, even furry hats. What the hell? Who started THIS trend and where can I find them? I have a right hook with their name on it...

If You Want To Stalk Me On Tuesdays... can find me at the 6th Avenue Bally's after work. I finally got the membership brouhaha settled, with the help of the very cute front desk hottie, Juan.

Yes, of course I'm going to the gym to work out to get fit and healthy, but it doesn't hurt at all to wear the cutest of cute workout ensembles and casually say hi to Juan.

Besides, he flirted with me FIRST! It wasn't my fault; I was just there to get my membership card. HE'S THE ONE who kept trying to engage me in conversation and gave me the eye and half-smile!

I just wish he weren't so young! Lani, hon, maybe you want to take this one??

Apparently, He Remembers How I Do
Recent text conversation with an ex:

EX: How are you and the girls? Hope all is well.

ME: We are fine. Um... who is this?

EX: Damn it girl, it's K

ME: Sorry! lol- didn't have your number

EX: Now I am hurt, from all our past conversations, you didn't save the number?

ME: That was a while ago! And we hardly speak. but I have your card, though

EX: Hmm, no love for KD

ME: LOL! You know how I do!

EX: *as he smiles* Yes I remember how you do...

*smooches...loving Friday so much, I wanna take it out behind the Middle School and get it pregnant*
people, I am in serious "30 Rock" withdrawal... April cannot get here fast enough... Penzo OUT!