Thursday, April 05, 2007

There's Always a Catch...

After the date from hell with Shortie Lazy Eye (SLE), I almost canceled another date I had scheduled for last night with another gentleman from the same site where I met SLE. I mean, after that disaster, and the fact that Burger King did not have the chicken fries I was so craving to soothe my troubled soul and the Mexican place by me got my order wrong, I was convinced it was time to throw in the towel.

Luckily for Wednesday night's date, Mr. DJ, Google had offered me this lovely H. G. Wells gem as a quote for the day:

"If you fell down yesterday, stand up today."

So I kept the date.

And wouldn't you know it? Mostly everything went well. Mr. DJ was as described (matched his photo, fit, tall, smart, interesting) and we had the best time, even made plans for the weekend. Our conversation did not have that awkward quiet moment where you hear crickets chirping and pins dropping, and he showed interest in more than the fact that I'm beautiful- I'm getting so tired of hearing that.

And I'm not trying to be conceited or anything. All my life I've tried to stress my book smarts because I don't want to be judged on looks alone. I used to wear large, baggy clothes to hide my figure; wore no make-up until recently; sported ponytails like it was my job; all in an effort to not be just another pretty face in the crowd. It's partly why I tack on so many degrees after my name and why I long for my Joan Collins said: "Beauty is like being born rich and getting poorer." Who wants to deal with that shit...but I digress.

But of course, as is my lot in life, Mr. DJ was not without his flaws. Are ya'll ready for this one? Ya'll ain't ready...

He's Haitian.

Yes. His ancestors are from the very place that incites murderous tendencies from my lovely grandfathers: one a former military police officer and the other a member of the "militia" that participated in the terrorizing of Haitians in DR back in the day. Neither one of which is willing to let the grudge go.

So I finally meet someone from cyberspace that I feel I could really mesh with, have intelligent, literary conversations with, analyse and scrutinize pop culture with, and sadly, if it works out I'll never be able to bring him home or I'll have to lie about his heritage to my family. And something tells me that would not be cool with him. I know it wouldn't be cool with me if the tables were turned.

I swear, Karma has a hard on for me! That BI-ATCH!!!

*smooches...with a potential love interest from...St. Lucia, yeah, that's the ticket!*
sometimes i see myself
through the eyes of a stray dog
from an alley across the street
and my whole mission just seems so finite
my whole saga just seems so cheap