Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google Is Trying To KILL Me!!!

So far, I've been treating this whole Wayne "Stalker" Carter situation like a joke, but the fact is I'm pretty creeped out. I never let anything rattle me 'cause, you know, I'm from Bed-Stuy and shit and nothing scares me- but a crazed stalker? We all know how that story ends. I even wrote a script about a stalker and let me tell didn't end with flowers and lollipops.

Therefore I decided to do some damage control and ensure that Wayne could not find me on his own. I googled my name to see what surfaces and wouldn't you know it- MY FUCKING BLOGS SHOW UP ON PAGE TWO!!! Goddamn GOOGLE!!! Are they trying to get me killed??

So I had to go into my blog layouts, change my profile name and contact info, remove my name from some of the posts and got rid of the profile pics of me and of my girls. In this day and age where a stalker can pay 1-800-US-SEARCH $49.99 and get my address and phone number, there's no need to make it easier by letting them see what me and my kids look like, and read all about what a loser I think he is.

Readers, I recommend you all google your names and make sure you're still under the radar. I know by having this and the other 4 blogs I write I've made my life semi-public. Still, it doesn't mean I want the Wayne Carters of the world to find me.

The google search thing has been remedied (thank god!) and these blogs no longer pop up in the results (whew!). But now I feel like I have to censor what I say and what pictures I want to add to my posts. Like I won't be able to keep it real anymore.

And I hate censorship.

Almost as much as I hate eggplant and exercise!

*smooches...a bit more incog-negro than yesterday*
there's a smorgasbord of unspoken poisons
a whole childhood of potions
that are all bottled up
and so one by one i am dusting off labels
i am uncorking bottles and filling up cups
so go ahead and have a taste of your own medicine
and i'll have a taste of mine
but first let's toast to the lists
that we hold in our fists
of the things that we promise to do
differently next time