Monday, April 02, 2007

On Blast: March 2007

This is a new feature that I'm starting: every month I will put those "on blast" who have angered me or my people in any way. So watch your back- you don't want to find yourself in these posts...

N- for giving me fever cooties the same week my killer cramps were due

VP at Jack's Job- for being an all-around prick and threatening his livelihood

Irene's Hubby- for not cleaning out the GD closet like she asked him to a GAZILLION TIMES!!

Dude I met on MG- for still trying to IM me after I told you to get lost

My ex- for allowing his wackness to affect my Federal tax returns by $505.00...rat bastard...

G.H. at work- for being the sloppiest "professional" graphic designer with whom I've ever had the misfortune of working

Kinko's- for making me wait so damn long for my shyt, which I'd already paid for...isn't that the point of using the online services? To not have to wait??

The CL DUO- Bohemian and Mellie Mel- one for thinking I was a booty-call and the other for trying to make me chase him...I think not, fellas...keep it movin'...

The UFA Ladies- for stinking up the 3rd floor bathroom with their nasty cigarettes and cheap, hooker-ish perfume. Must I gag everytime I go to urinate?

NYS and TurboTax- for lying about how long it would take to get my state refund...9 days my ass...

Allcott Group- for not getting my paycheck correct not once in three months...ya'll SUCK AZZ!

*no smooches!!*
it just all slips
away so slowly
you don't even notice 'til you've lost a lot
i've been like one of those zombies
in vegas
pouring quarters into a slot