Friday, December 11, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Recently, during a conversation with K about N's clingy-ness to me, I had to remind this child that she, too, was once a momma's girl, always seeking my lap for comfort and what not and she didn't believe me.

ME: Do I need to call in witnesses? You were always all up and under my skirt, following me everywhere. In fact, while I had my fully pregnant belly you still insisted on sleeping ON TOP of me. That's why N is so crazy... you crushed the baby. YOU CRUSHED THE BABY!!

K: Well, she shouldn't have been trying to take over my territory!

old album cover from their music days...HA!

What can you even say to that? *sigh*

*smooches...rethinking this whole, "have 2 more babies" thing*
who knows what N will do to THOSE babies. y'all know she's thuggish...