Monday, December 14, 2009

Keep Your Dick In Your Pants And Your Legs Closed!

I tried to just mind my business throughout all the infidelity chatter going on since Mr. Tiger "Sweet Dick" Woods found himself stone cold BUSTED with an impressive number of alleged hos (and I only say impressive because I'm shocked he had ONE ho, let alone 10, seeing as he looks like a black/Asian version of Corky from Life Goes On...), but I can stay silent no more. Why? Because y'all keep freakin TALKING about it.

So fine, you wanna talk about it? Let's take it to the airwaves:

What: Monday Musings/Mars vs. Venus Pt.3: Infidelity...How Freakin Hard Can It Be??
When: TONIGHT @ 10PM
Where: Dammit, if you don't know by now, I swear...

My co-hosts tonight is Brother Omi (y'all know him already) and Nikita Banks (she's a cool gyal and owner of The Single Girl's Guide To Men), and of course, the usual cast of misfits will be all up and through the chatroom so you won't want to miss this one.

No, for real, don't miss this one or I will hunt you all down and scalp you in your sleep!

That is all.

*smooches...sharpening my blades, just in case*
I really hate to resort to threats n shit but y'all be testing me!