Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"It's All Fun And Games Until You Choke On It"

I have so many Voices spewing out so many words in my head at the same time it really is a wonder I can function at all. And these Voices are so exhausting, with their yelling and nagging and "Kill the Pope" chants day in and day out. Sometimes it's all just too much. And I explode.

Days like that (this) is when I'm grateful for the internet (or maybe the internet is the source of my insanity? Hmmm...that may have to be a post for another day). Thanks to the World Wide Web I can unleash a few of the thoughts in my head on Twitter or stalk celebrities on Facebook. I can go on any number of bootleg websites and catch old episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine or some interracial gangbang porn (What? Like I'm the only one? Get the fuck off your high horse and stop clutching your pearls... no one's buying it. And NO I didn't link it you whiny baby head so relax!).

And then there's my trusty old Netflix subscription that opens up a whole other world of entertaining procrastination and my absolute favorite, YouTube. Home of hilarity, intoxication, COONtastic good times, and keeper of my childhood memories.

Then, after I soak it all in, after I've watched all I can watch and heard all I can hear, some of The Voices calm down and speak only one at a time, allowing me the opportunity to regurgitate these words for you now instead of suffocating on them.

I'm just glad you're patient enough to wait for us to get it together. Until then...

*smooches...finding words even when I'm blocked*
I might have to rethink my position on clones so that I can have Raquels #2-6 doing all the shit I don't want to do everyday, and Raquel #1 can just lay on the couch eating Ramen & Haagen Dazs